Message From the President

Message From the President


Message from the President

Thank you for entrusting me to lead the Howard University Pharmacy Alumni Association. As we embark upon the 150th anniversary of the entire University, we have so much to be proud of, and I am excited! I appreciate your support and vote of confidence.

Congratulations to all the Executive Board, and thank you for your participation in our recent election. This is a great team that is ready to lead, and together with your support, we will continue the legacy of Howard University College of Pharmacy.

I need your help as we work with the faculty and students to continue the tradition of excellence you expect when you hear the name Howard University. I want you to be proud of your school.

As your President, I will focus on Forging Connections to provide benefits to you for joining the Alumni Association:

  1. Connecting alumni with each other and employers concerning career advancement
  2. Connecting the alumni with students and the College for mentoring, professional growth, and service
  3. Connecting the members with benefits from networking sessions, CE opportunities, to social gatherings and support for each other’s endeavors.

Aren’t you ready to get connected?

Very Truly Yours,

Keli R. Edwards, Pharm.D., Esq.
Class of 2011, Howard University College of Pharmacy
Howard University Pharmacy Alumni Association President

Keli R. Edwards, Pharm.D., Esq.

Keli R. Edwards, Pharm.D., Esq.


  • Class of 2011, Howard University College of Pharmacy