Dr. Emeka Egwim

Dr. Emeka Egwim

by Kimberly Miller, ‘11, Pharm.D.
Emeka Egwim

photo used with permission: Credit Lester Liburd, 2016

Dr. Emeka Egwim is a 2011 graduate of Howard University College of Pharmacy. He works as a United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps Officer in the Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, Pharmacy Division. In his role as Regulatory Affairs and Policy Analyst/ Senior Assistant Pharmacist, Medicaid division, he is responsible for managing the drug rebates and contracts that the government has with manufacturers for all states and the District of Columbia. He feels that attending Howard University College of Pharmacy allowed him to be clinically and culturally prepared for pharmacy practices. Upon graduation, he knew he wanted to be involved in healthcare policy and regulatory affairs, somewhat due to his background in pharmacy sales prior to attending pharmacy school. During school, he was considering career paths that had a true impact on pharmacy practice. He worked at Grubb’s Pharmacy after graduation from Howard, and learned the “behind the scenes” work of community pharmacy practice from an administrative, executive viewpoint.

Reflecting on his time at Howard, Dr. Egwim feels blessed to have had opportunities through his professors to attend conferences, public hearings and public meetings, such as RX Impact on Capitol Hill. He also had an experiential rotation at HRSA at the Office of Regulatory Affairs, which he considers a contributory opportunity into his career path.

Dr. Egwim’s most memorable moments at Howard were times spent with classmates enjoying accomplishments and overcoming feats. He is drawn to individuals who ventured into career paths in non-traditional settings, calling his peers and classmates courageous and inspiring. When asked his most valuable lesson from pharmacy school he replied, “ study everyday,.. stay in your own lane”.

He says that the University gives you the foundation but you have to “make your career yours…” Dr. Egwim states, “through grit” his experience at Howard prepared him for potential challenges. He also feels he learned a great deal of pride in ethnicity, culture, and pride for the institution. He wants to see more diversity in the types of pharmacists and advises pharmacists to “be present and let their presence be known”.

He values his proudest accomplishment as marrying his wife. Likewise, he is extremely proud of some of his publications which he has seen make an impact in improving clinical outcomes in patient care and the scope of pharmacy practice.